Our Goal: Protecting Your Family While Saving Local Pollinators

Arrange for safe bee removal services in the St. George, UT area

Without honeybees, carpenter bees, wasps or yellow jackets, we wouldn't have beautiful flowers in our gardens or tasty fruits in our grocery stores. Pollinators are crucial to our environment, which is why Bundy Pest Control focuses on relocating them. We partner with local beekeepers in the St. George, UT area to provide reliable pest control services to our clients.

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Avoid disturbing the hive until help arrives

Wasps and yellow jackets are aggressive, and even honeybees have been known to sting when threatened. For your safety, you should...

  • Close off rooms where you've noticed bees flying around
  • Rope off areas you suspect are underground colonies
  • Prevent kids and pets from playing near hives

We'll stop by as soon as we can to provide effective bee removal services. Contact our reliable pest control company in St. George, UT now to make an appointment.

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