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St. George Pest Control FAQ

Does Bundy Pest Control guarantee their work?

Yes, we know we cant please everybody but that is our goal.

Why do I need an inspection of my home or business before receiving a quote?

Since no two properties are alike, Bundy Pest Control customizes pest control treatment plans according to the unique characteristics of your property. For information on scheduling a free estimate contact us by phone or email.

Are your pest control methods safe?

Bundy Pest Control uses products that have been approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency and will also customize effective pest control methods according to requirement.

Can I get rid of my pest problem on my own?

Although many pest control products are currently available, inexperienced applications often result in poor results and may prove to be more hazardous as well as expensive in the case of a widespread infestation. Our professionals are fully trained and experienced at assessing pest control needs to eliminate and prevent recurring problems that saves you money in the long run.

How often will I need pest control services for my home in St. George?

Bundy Pest Control offers pest control assessments and customizes programs according to your specific needs.

Will I be required to vacate my home or place of business when you provide services?

Depending on your particular pest problem, it is usually unnecessary for residential clients to leave their homes or the immediate area where our technicians are working. Bundy Pest Control always makes the safety our top priority.

Am I required to sign a contract in order to receive services?

No, Bundy Pest Control does not require a signed contract. We like to earn your business each time we are at your property. Our philosophy is if you like us you will keep us around.

How can I keep mice and rats off of my property in St. George?

Complete exclusion is difficult since most rodents can squeeze through even the tiniest of cracks. Visible openings should be caulked or filled with steel wool. Bundy Pest Control can provide effective methods that will be helpful.

Are preventative programs always necessary?

Regular pest control prevention programs are recommended based on a range of factors. Bundy Pest Control offers several cost effective packages that can be customized according to your requirements.

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