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Pesticide Service

A pesticide is a single or multiple mixture of substances used to prevent, eliminate or repel living organisms that threaten to injure, or cause damage to people, plants, animals or structures in both commercial and residential settings.

Pests consist of a wide range of insects and wildlife. Their effective control is authorized and recommended under the supervision of licensed and accredited professionals only. Our Bundy Pest Control team is experienced with the proper preparation and application of pesticides according to federal regulations outlined for the pest control industry.

Pesticide Information

As a result of easy access to many unauthorized pest control products online, pest control professionals must remain more conscious than ever of industry regulations. The use of pesticides in the United States is strictly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, as stipulated by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. Bundy Pest Control is a licensed pest management organization and uses only products permissible by federal law.

Pesticide Types

If you have any questions on whether a pesticide or any pest control method is safe for use on your residential or commercial property, please call us.

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